TIGFF Summer Film Camp at the Mitney project was a success!!! Over a two-week period, camp participants got an introduction to visual story telling including lessons in screenwriting, acting, and directing. 

The camp was broken into four production companies:

1 - Lit Day Prodcutions

2 - Big Shot Productions

3 - Slay All Day Productions 

4 - G.O.A.T Productions

Each team vetted several story ideas, completed three stop-motion films and competed in a mannequin challenge. 

Participants were broken into age groups. Older participants were given a one scene challenge that took them through reading a script, memorizing lines, rehearsing with a co-star and auditioning for judges comprised of our younger participants.

Our audition finalists were Kayla Reed, Amari Britton, Shakari Britton, Daquaris Armstrong, Michael Jenkins, and Josiah Tucker. They paired off into three teams and each shot their one scene at two locations in Georgetown, South Carolina. The winning  scene above  screened at The 2018 International Gullah Film Festival.


TIGFF Summer Film Camp at The Mitney Project was made possible by the generous support of donations through GoFundMe, Col-Kel Education and Training Ministries, The Gullah Geechee Chamber of Commerce, and The Mitney Project.

© 2018 by  The International Gullah Film Festival

Georgetown, South Carolina