TIGFF 2018 at The Gullah Museum

Open Daily 

11 am - 5 pm


123-7 King St.,

Georgetown, SC 29440

(843) 527-1851

*Ask about Forever First Lady Michelle Obama's Gullah heritage.

TIGFF 2018 at Hobcaw Barony

November 2, 2018 

2:30 - 4:30


Call Lee Brockington 843-904-9014

to reserve your seat.

Group Tour of Hobcaw Barony

This two hour bus tour travels down ten miles of rustic dirt roads, requires little walking, and includes highlights of Hobcaw Barony’s 16,000 acres of cultural and natural history. 

Naval stores, indigo, and rice production in the 18th and 18th century was dependent upon enslaved laborers and their Gullah traditions continued in 1905 when the land was purchased by Bernard Baruch. Native South Carolinian and Wall Street financier, he hunted ducks, deer and wild turkey at this winter retreat with the aid of black and white employees. 

The bus tour includes Friendfield Village, with remnant slave cabins and early 20th century employee housing, a tour of of the Baruchs' 1930 home, and a drive by Bellefield Plantation and stables, the home of daughter Belle Baruch who last owned the property and created the research reserve. Limited by 14 seats.

$20 per person, reservations required. Call Lee Brockington at 843-904-9014 to purchase tickets for the introductory tour.


When arriving for a tour or program, a short film will be shown before the tour, so please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tour or program at the Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center.

Tours de Sandy Island

Guided Historic Tour

A unique Ogeechee/ Gullah guided historic tour conducted on one of South Carolina's hidden jewel, (Sandy Island). We'll take a trip back in time and journey to today's current way of living. Come visit the old Mt. Rena cemetery, Sandy Island's School house, and volunteer fire dept.

We'll travel thru a couple of the villages, have a chance to stop and shop at Pyatt's General store and upon request, experience a taste of Sandy Island hosted by Laura Herriott.

TIGFF 2018 Tours de Sandy Island

Schedule a tour at your convenience 

starting at $35/person.